AUTOS Listed on AZBIT, Seychelles’ Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange

AUTOS Listed on AZBIT, Seychelles' Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange

AUTOS, the web freelance brokerage rewards platform, announced today that it has listed as a new cryptocurrency on AZBIT, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Seychelles.

With this listing, AUTOS will be traded on the AZBIT exchange, which is licensed by the Seychelles Ministry of Finance and operates under the supervision of the Seychelles Securities and Exchange Commission.

AUTOS continues to expand its ecosystem in 2024 with a series of partnerships with blockchain companies. The listing on AZBIT is part of AUTOS’ plan to expand the blockchain ecosystem more broadly, enter various exchanges, and provide greater value to users.

The AUTOS team expects the listing to expand the trading of rewards distributed to freelancers and platform users in the future, and accelerate global user attraction.


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