BankerDoge: Platform With Professional Services Designed To Boost New Cryptos

Staking has become a new hot trend in the crypto world, allowing holders to generate a passive income. It truly is the future of Defi but there are still some barriers. As the technology is still brand new, the confidence level has not reached its potential. There is a high demand and untapped market for professional service which supports newer tokens with unique tokenomics. BankerDoge is one of the early movers with their DeFi platform, upgrading the future of stacking and making it accessible to new projects. 

What is BankerDoge? 

BankerDoge is a platform that provides decentralised finance services to any BSC token. It helps to add on features like DeFi lending, staking, liquidity pool farming, time-locking and trustless DeFi lending to BSC tokens. BankerDoge partners with other crypto platforms with native tokens to create customised staking systems, mutually beneficial contracts that help the growth of Banker Token. 

What issue is BankerDoge solving? 

Many tokens do not have any use case. BankerDoge addresses this with staking vaults that add instant value to existing tokens by giving them a use case. The vaults are designed to reward long term holders who are committed to the project they are staking for. The tokens become more valuable as they are given as incentives for the activity of users. 

The Banker token is the utility token of the BankerDoge platform. It will be used by the members to enter and exit their vaults. If they do not use Banker tokens then they have to pay a fee which will boost the price and APY of Banker. Apart from having a use case for the vaults, the Banker token is designed to reward its holders too. 

Furthermore, BankerDoge partners with other cryptos to build staking vaults for their tokens. Since the Banker token is the entry and exit ticket, these vaults help to boost the Banker token price, demand and APY. Banker’s audience also grows as partnerships expand. 

The team that built BankerDoge came from high-end positions at companies like Dell & HP. Furthermore, they are the same team who are behind the success of  Altrucoin. The reason BankerDoge was created according to the team is as quoted,

 “We believe there is an untapped market for professional services designed for newer tokens with unique tokenomics. Existing Defi platforms do not support things like dual token rewards or token reflection/redistribution. We aim to change that.”

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