bitsCrunch’s CEO Vijay Crossing Borders As One Of The Prominent Names In Blockchain

bitsCrunch is an emerging Blockchain Analytics Company, operating from Germany & India, that provides NFT related services that has a diverse team of tech savvy people. The crusaders of bitsCrunch come from different professional backgrounds and the platform is a fusion of distinct brilliance. 

The bunch of experts who are at the top of their specialisation at bitsCrunch is one of the company’s assets. Vijay Pravin Maharajan is the founder and CEO of bitsCrunch and Saravanan Jaichandran is the Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist. The other members of the bitsCrunch team are also from professional backgrounds at well-known companies like Siemens, Volkswagen, SAP, American Express and TCS, so it’s a truly strong crew at work. 

About bitsCrunch’s CEO, Vijay 

Vijay is the founder and CEO of bitsCrunch. He is a TEDx Speaker and was nominated under 20+ Inspiring Data Scientists to be followed on LinkedIn in 2020, by AI Time Journal, USA. Vijay is also one of the 40 under 40 Data Scientists in India. He is from a village near Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. From there, his career journey took him to Germany and also became the first Indian to be invited for a TEDx talk at Deggendorf, Germany. Vijay is also a Masters graduate of Technische Universität München (TUM).

Vijay has worked as a Data Scientist at Volkswagen AG, and as a Customer and Analytics Solutions Expert at Siemens. He is now at a top position at bitsCrunch and after joining its Board Of Advisors last year. Vijay is one of the pillars of bitsCrunch and he has proven that anything is possible with his inspiring story from the villages of India to Munich.

bitsCrunch’s Products

The company has developed a number of platforms that help in making the whole NFT ecosystem more reliable and more secure. They include:

  • Scour: A Wash trading detection platform to flag the manipulative movements in prices and volumes of NFTs.
  • Crunch DaVinci: A platform for detection of digital asset forgery to protect the creators and their digital assets.
  • Liquify: A fair price estimation platform for NFTs
  • An Analytics Dashboard that provides critical information regarding NFTs based on certain KPIs.

About bitsCrunch

bitsCrunch is a German blockchain startup that has set out to revolutionize the NFT industry. The company is known for its unique products that offer services related to NFTs. They have three main products: Scour, Crunch DaVinci and Liquify, all of which are currently up and running. 

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