CryptoGames: Accessible Crypto Casino for the Growing Gamblers

The growing number of crypto-oriented casinos on the internet has taken online gambling to an entirely new level where the advanced source of entertainment has been showing great potential in the entertainment industry. The casinos are showing promising entertainment for the consistent users of cryptocurrencies. The crypto-based entertainment hence delivered many crypto gambling websites since the past few years and there are efficient online casinos on the rise. One of the many such crypto gambling platforms is CryptoGames. It is an efficient gambling platform that uses several popular cryptocurrencies for its platform. The casino gives out rewards or payouts in 10 different cryptocurrencies. This review will give out an in-depth description of CryptoGames and all that a fervent gambler can find on the website.

A Little About CryptoGames

CryptoGames is a MuchGaming B.V’s crypto casino that caters to digital gamblers under the license of the Curacao Government. From the city of Curacao, CryptoGames has been offering a crypto gambling experience to global gamblers with an open system. Gamblers can use 10 popular cryptocurrencies on the website and even exchange their own cryptocurrencies (using ChangeNow) into the ones their system offers. CryptoGames offers 9 casino games that are also available for Play Money users. The system offers a simple user interface that is accessible with any smart devices (I.e- laptops, mobile phones, or even desktops) with the least specifications. The casino has been formed to carry several policies that the players get to rely on when they gamble with their funds or use Play Money.

How to Sign Up

CryptoGames provides an easy, fast, and free sign-up process. New users can avoid a lengthy signup process by simply creating a user name. The sign-up process completes as soon as the username is provided and the players agree to the terms and conditions of the casino. Players follow the steps given below to sign up at the casino and create a basic account.

  1. Click on the Play Now tab or click on any of the games and pick a cryptocurrency from the list. (If they click on the Play Now tab then it will eventually open up the page for the Dice game and display 10 cryptocurrencies to choose from alongside the Play Money currency. New users can click on any of the games on the list to get directed to the list of offered cryptocurrencies. They will have the freedom to start playing with their crypto funds or choose Play Money for testing the games. )
  2. Once they pick their choice of cryptocurrency, they will be led to the registration pop-up where they have to provide an uncommon user name.
  3. After entering the username they will have to read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Following these steps will create an account within a few minutes. Once the players sign up, they can play at the casino without making deposits or having to spend any money, or providing any personal information right away. Once they are sure about the system or get accustomed to the themes of the games, they can complete setting up their account by making it password protected and providing email and transaction addresses.  New accounts can use the Play Money currency to check out the theme of the casino.

Transaction Systems

10 cryptocurrencies are available at CryptoGames for completing transactions. The cryptocurrencies given for the games can be deposited and exchanged using 2 different transaction methods. A modern method and a regular method. CryptoGames supports modern methods for deposits and exchanges through Onramper and ChangeNow. For all fully registered players, Onramper supports deposits through credit cards and ChangeNow supports multiple crypto exchanges. Players who use fiat currency and credit cards can make deposits through the third-party aggregator at any time. Credit card deposits are available for all BTC and ETH players. On the other hand, different cryptocurrency users get to exchange over 40 different cryptocurrencies to any one of the cryptocurrencies at the casino. CryptoGames supports:




Bitcoin Cash,



Ethereum Classic,


GAS, and


Players can also deposit, withdraw and exchange cryptocurrencies using the regular transaction system. If they click on the “My Account” they will find the options to create Deposit, and Withdrawal addresses alongside the Exchange option. CryptoGames has listed a few e-wallets under the FAQ page of their website. The transaction system is fast and uncomplicated to navigate for all the players. To learn how much time the system needs to process the transactions, take a look at the list below:

  • Deposits require One Network Confirmation to be processed. In case deposits are being made from an exchange, the system will take longer than the time required for deposits made from a wallet.
  •  The system requires Two Network Confirmations for all Withdrawals. The time frame however varies depending on the cryptocurrencies.

    Ethereum requires – cca. 1 minute (2 confirmations)

    Dogecoin requires – cca. 2 minutes (2 confirmations)

    Litecoin requires – cca. 5 minutes (2 confirmations)

    Dash requires – cca. 2 minutes (2 confirmations)

    Bitcoin requires – cca. 20 minutes (2 confirmations)

    Other coins require a similar transaction time as Dogecoin

Although these are the estimated transaction speed, the final speed will depend on the coin network status.

Measure for Fund Security

For complete fund security, CryptoGames offer adequate measures in their system. All user accounts are fully protected through SSL encryption and google 2FA features that enable verification every time a fund is being withdrawn. In case the 2FA feature is not enabled beforehand, the user fund is still protected by email verification. This means, that before any withdrawal, the account holder will be notified through email and they will have to permit the process. This way, the chances of losing the fund becomes very less than 0.

What You Can Play

CryptoGames offers 9 games that are based on old-school gambling themes. Out of them, only Lottery is unavailable for Play Money users.  The game only supports 4 cryptocurrencies, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. The games are simple for everyone at the casino. Players will find the following games along with their respective house edges:

Dice- 1.0 % 

DiceV2- 1.0%

Roulette- 2.7% 

Blackjack- 1.25%

Minesweeper- 1.0%

Video Poker [Average]- 2.09% 

Plinko [Average]- 1.72%

Slot- 1.97%

Lottery- 0.0%


Although most people know dice as an apparatus used in board games, it is a rewarding game for modern gamblers. CryptoGames Dice needs a player to accurately guess the outcome of the roll in order to bag the reward. Players must roll above or below specified numbers. The dice have winning possibilities that lie from 0.000 to 99.999. On top of that, a player can customize their payout multiplier as well as the winning chances.


CryptoGames brought a modern twist to its original Dice game by introducing its second version, DiceV2. The second version also requires the players to roll their dice for a winning chance that starts from 0.000 and goes up to 99.999. Along with the option to customize the payout multiplier and the win chances, DiceV2 also allows the players to participate in its Progressive Jackpots.


Since the European variant of Roulette offers a better house edge than its American variant, it is one of the most sought-after variants in table games. In the game, the bets are placed on the board using any number of betting chips. Once the players choose their neighbor bets, they spin the 37 number wheel. Roulette has 4 automatic neighbor bets for the players to choose from during the placement.

 Video Poker

Perfect for the players who are looking for a tricky card game. This one comes with a simple-to-follow yet detailed explanation for all beginners. The guide will provide a player with information about the card values as well. Video Poker is played with the aim to form a winning hand with 5 cards at the end of each round. This way, the player can beat the house dealer. For more fun, the players of Video Poker can even try out it three other variations, Jacks or Better, Tens or Better and Bonus Poker.


 Minesweeper carries a true essence of the classic puzzle game era. It is highly enjoyable for players who love playing at the edge at all times. Minesweeper at CryptoGames challenges the players to aim for the bigger prize all while it remains flexible for everyone. The difficulty level of the game can also be customized by the player at the beginning of the game. By successfully avoiding the mines and turning the tiles, players can increase their payout amount which they can withdraw anytime before hitting a mine.


Slot is one of the easiest games in terms of rules and regulations in the casino. The simple game only requires a player to land a winning combination (out of 7) at the end of each spin. Since there is no specific order for the combinations, meaning the symbols can appear in any order, the players have more than 49% winning chances in the game. Each round of the game can be played with any one of the 10 cryptocurrencies. More details on the winning combinations and payout table will be found on the game’s page.


A game that many card game lovers know as 21, has been presented at CryptoGames as one of the most lucrative games on the list. The players of Blackjack aim to win against the dealer’s hand, by earning 21 points from the drawing of the first two cards. Or simply by luring the dealer to cross  21 at the end of the deal. The hand can be formed by carefully using the options to double down, surrender, or split. Since a loss will mean a player takes home 0 rewards, learning about the game and the card values beforehand will always benefit them in all bets.


Inspired by the 80s Plinko, CryptoGames offers Plinko in a completely modern crypto version. The game requires the players to reach a fruitful slot at the bottom of the pegged pyramid to take home the rewards. Out of 4 different shades of balls, they have to pick one shade of ball to play the game with. They get to choose from red, green, blue, and yellow. The final payout of the bet will be calculated according to the value of the slot, the house edge and the shade carries. 


Players of Lottery buy the tickets for the ongoing round with any one of the following cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. Based on the cryptocurrency they use, the prize amount will vary for all the winners. Besides that, the tickets are also drawn on different days (twice a week) depending on the cryptocurrency. The casino hosts Lottery for a 0% house edge policy for everyone. Tickets can be purchased with the chatbox commands as well as from the “Buy Tickets Tab”.

Thorough Result Processing

CryptoGames offer fair gambling to all by processing every bet result fairly. The casino has established impartial policies all over the casino. The casino provides unbiased rules for all the games in its system. Its efficient ways to track and confirm a bet result use hashes and seeds. Following the guidelines, all players can check whether their bets were processed fairly or not. Another way to check the fairness of the results is by looking at the data provided under each game where the history for ongoing rounds is neatly presented. 

Enhanced Gambling Features

At CryptoGames, modern and efficient features keep up the players’ gambling experience at its peak. Auto Bet, Chatbox, Smart Hold, and all the rewarding features are available for users’ convenience. These features can be used without any additional cost. The Chatbox feature is used at the casino for safe engagement with other players. The feature also allows players to tip each other with cryptocurrencies and buy lottery tickets for each ongoing round. The players also get rewarded for their consistent engagement in the chatbox. Additionally, for making the gambling experience as free as possible, CryptoGames has a free currency known as Play Money. It can be withdrawn/requested from the “Faucet”. Faucet gives out free Play Money to the players based on their Player Levels. By using Play Money, players can learn almost everything about the rules of the game before they splurge their real crypto funds.   On the other hand, the automatic system for multiple bets, the Auto Bet feature runs multiple rounds for customized bet size, and payout multipliers all while changing under fixed conditions ( win or lose ). Another gaming feature is the Smart Hold feature which is available for all three variants of Video Poker. With the feature, players can rely on the system to choose the best possible cards on deals.

Healthy Competitive Events

Experienced gamblers get to show off their betting skills among all levels of gamblers from around the world through monthly betting events. CryptoGames’ players partake in the monthly betting events to win more privileges and prize money. The healthy competitions are fierce, but they engage everyone on board in strategic and advanced crypto gambling. If a player can secure a space on the leader board then they win VIP tags and facilities that last an entire month. The winners get the privileges to play Dice with a 0.8% house edge. They get to place any amount of bet and it will be processed with no server delay. Regardless of the bet size or amount, the privilege will remain for an entire month. They also get to exchange their cryptocurrencies with better and higher limits. The VIP players get to use the VIP chatroom to engage with other VIP players and managers of the casino. They also get to redeem vouchers worth a great amount sent in the email. Tier 3 verified players get to win birthday gifts as well. 

Responsible Environment

There are various responsible gambling policies at CryptoGames that ensure a safe and responsible gambling environment for everyone. Their policies not only focus on the safety issues but also creates a space that promotes the thrill of gambling in the most thoughtful way possible. Customer Service is always available for the players to reach out to in case of any problems. On the other hand, they also have a prevention policy aiming to reduce the negative effects of gambling. Through the policies, the casino reminds its users of the possible negative social and financial effects that arise from pathological dependence on gambling. To help the players not lose control while they are on board, CryptoGames listed the following rules:

   Creating a gambling limit and never exceeding the amount.

   Immediately stop playing when the time limit set initially is exceeded.

    Do not play at the casino with any money that you cannot afford to lose.

    Spending money intended for other purposes on gambling is absolutely unwelcome.

   Once a player has decided to stop playing or reduce the number of hours playing, they must strive to fulfill this goal

    Do not play with an intention to win back all your losses

    Gambling is never a solution to any problems

    Never borrow money from any sources to gamble

    Always remember that money spent on gambling is a price paid for your entertainment

    Never lie to friends and family regarding the amount of money lost because of gambling or the number of hours spent on gambling

    Always ask for help if you think you are going over the normal amount or limit

    Do not spend time from work or school due to gambling

    Do not spend time at the casino when you are feeling depressed, lonely, bored, tense, or anxious

And if these rules cannot help much then the players can always feel free to send the system an email to inform them of the problems. Then according to the condition they are in, the casino may set a deposit limit or close the account for some time. Players can also consider contacting one of the following organizations for receiving more professional help:

    Global Gambling Guidance Group –

    Gordon Moody Association –

    Gambling Therapy –

    GamCare –

CryptoGames’ Gambling Service in a Nutshell

Regardless of how a gambler is experienced in digital or crypto gambling, at CryptoGames, they will be 1welcomed with equal and fair service at all times. The library of 9 games, along with the flexible list of 10 cryptocurrencies makes sure that the players have a considerable option in their hands when it comes to entertainment and financial services. The casino also includes many modern features, gambling events, and referral links that compliment their games thoroughly. On top of that, they include many new elements to add more levels to their entertainment services. At the casino, the efficient environment let the players get help from the guidelines as well as the detailed posts on the BLOG and FORUM discussions. CryptoGames customer service is enhanced especially through these two services as it serves both new and old crypto gamblers around the world with friendly approaches. It prioritizes the safety of the gamblers through adequate measures. With the growing number of players, CryptoGames is on the way to increasing its affordability, and transaction benefits and show its full potential for both the online gambling and gaming industry.

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