CryptoGames: Best Crypto Casino to Play Dice, Keno and Roulette!

CryptoGames is an exclusive online crypto casino that is rapidly becoming the number one choice for gamblers from around the world. It is widely famous for its secure and fast transactions, simplistic entertaining games, and impenetrable security. CryptoGames is owned by a Curacao based company known as MuchGaming B.V. which is licensed and under complete regulation of the Curacao government. The casino has taken massive strides to be where it is now ever since its inception and has created a wonderful community of gamblers that are loyal to the casino. So, join us in this CryptoGames casino review while we take a more in-depth look at all of their features and offers.

Brief Glance at CryptoGames Platform:

CryptoGames allows gamblers to place bets using 10 different cryptocurrencies making the transaction options more flexible. Alongside these, users can also choose to convert different altcoins to the supported cryptocurrencies due to the integration of ChangeNow, a third-party automatic exchange system. It has a library of 8 old school games that draws huge numbers of devoted gamblers to the casino. The games provided are provably fair and the winnings are never delayed. Their detailed tutorials of the games help the user to easily master the game as they play along. Users can choose to socialize with different people using the chatbox that is quite active.

More Details About the Rising Crypto Casino:

The casino has made several recent developments over the past years to bring more to the table for worldwide gamblers. CryptoGames now offers a list of 10 games with all useful features. Users will find complication-free transaction systems to make their deposits and exchanges for the games. They will also have the protection of an unbreakable security system and reliable gaming policies on the website. The casino does its best to gather potential gamblers to enjoy a crypto version of gambling without any tampering or space for cheating. 

Best House Edge and Easy to Play Games:

CryptoGames offers reasonable and low-house edges for its players to provide more rewards for its game. Each game comes with its house edges that influence the final payouts. The low house edges help the players to earn significant amounts at the end of their games. Any player is free to take a good look at the house edges before they start playing any of the games. They can always pick the most reasonable one according to them, to begin with, their crypto funds. In the following list, all the house edges for the games have been given to you: 

Keno- 1.0% 

Dice- 1.0 % 

DiceV2- 1.0%

Roulette- 2.7% 

Blackjack- 1.25%

Minesweeper- 1.0%

Video Poker- 2.09% 

Plinko- 1.72%

Slot- 1.97%

Lottery- 0.0%

The average house edges listed here for Plinko and Video Poker are the house edges. The game of Plinko has 4 different house edges based on the various colored balls used. And the game of Video Poker has 3 other house edges based on the variants available.


Dice is a crypto-oriented game which has a vast range of outcomes from 0.000-99.999. This fabulous game requires players to abide by a few rules. Players have to choose a sum toward the beginning of the game. Players need to foresee whether the Dice roll will create a higher or lower amount than their picked number. The player who precisely predicts the result of the roll will be announced as the game winner and will be able to earn a payout. CryptoGames also allows its players the option of playing this great game by utilizing keyboard shortcuts. The handy “Auto Bet” feature allows users to set up a strategy that the game to will automatically follow, thus conserving important time for the player. Right now, a amount of 6 BTC can be won by players through a solitary bet in Dice.

Jackpots of Dice: 

The following list of conditions must be met to win a Jackpot of Dice!

  • Result of the roll is either 7.777 or 77.777
  • Roll of the Dice is a winning roll
  • Both bet and profit amount are minimum 0.0000015 BTC, 0.00045 ETH, 15 DOGE, 0.0015 MXR, 0.00015 BCH, 0.0045 ETC, 0.0015 LTC, 0.0225 GAS, 0.00075 DASH, 4,850 PlayMoney
  • The two digits at the end of the Player’s Server seed and client seed encrypted and combined in SHA512 are 77 (77 is jackpot number)

· Here’s how your Jackpot Numbers are calculated for Dice: 

  • The first two characters from the end of  SHA512-hash are taken. (The SHA512-hash, players’ Server seed, and Client seed combined and encrypted in SHA512 are needed).
  • Then, the last two characters of the player’s SHA512 hash are added and converted from Hexadecimal to Decimal.
  •  If the resulting number has three digits and is less than 200, then modulo 100 is used to get a number between 0-99. 
  • If the generated Decimal number is 200 or higher,  the last step is repeated with the next two characters of the player’s SHA512-hash from right to left.
  • The calculating process is continued until a number between 0-99 is generated.

All jackpot winners take home 100% of the prize if their winning amount is above 0.004 BTC, 4 LTC, 2 DASH, 40000 DOGE, 1.2 ETH, 4 MXR, 0.4 BCH, 60 GAS, 12 ETC, or 24,250,000 PlayMoney. And if their winning amounts are lower than the stated, then they take home a proportional share of the Jackpot with a minimum of 1%.


Slot is a game played on five turning wheels that turn prior to halting. Five symbols must be picked toward the start of each game and the player may claim a reward when the selected symbols are in the center of the Slot. CryptoGames offers gamblers a reduced degree of difficulty for this game and players use this awesome advantage to attain more Cryptocurrency and achieve huge victories. The utilization of single line horizontal matching additionally guarantees a productive payout for players. Players can gain a profit of 5 BTC through a solitary bet in this fun and energizing game. This fun and enticing game draws huge numbers of players to the casino due to its massive profits and exciting game play.


If you are in search of something that gives you the feeling of dealing in an actual casino, then Blackjack is the perfect match for you. The game offers an advanced gambling experience that will only change your time at the casino for the better. The casino, as usual, provides game rules that are simple for players of all levels.

You score a win if you get points higher than the dealer or if the dealer exceeds the 21-point limit. Blackjack is offering a house edge of 1.253%. 


Want to achieve prizes beyond your expectations at CryptoGames? Then try your hand in the game of Lotto. Combine your luck with the anticipation of winning from the moment you receive your lottery ticket on the “Buy Tickets” tab. CryptoGames has decided to give out all the winning credits to the player by making the game’s house edge 0. This means, if you win, you take everything home! Just how cool is that? 


Our favorite Brain Game for a casino. While there are two versions of Roulette available in the gambling world, CryptoGames offers the European Variant of Roulette to its users. At CryptoGames, users get to play the European variant for a better house edge than the American Variant. However, CryptoGames’ Roulette comes with a similar payout table as the American version. Players place their bets on the betting mat or board with chips. The placing must be done before the game begins. The numbers they choose to place their bets on are known as Neighbor Bets. The user interface of the game lets players set the neighbor bets randomly using the “Neighbor Bets”.  Players can choose one of these predefined placings for their bets: Neighbors of Zero, Orphans, Zero Game, and Third of the Wheel. After the players set their bets, they spin the wheel and wait for the ball to roll into a lucky slot. The players earn a payout according to the Slot’s determined amount. Since the neighbor bets can play a significant role in influencing the result, pro-players suggest others pay attention to the numbers they choose on the betting mat.

Jackpots of Roulette: 

To enhance the game’s appeal, CryptoGames has added a Jackpot function to Roulette. The progressive Jackpot is there for all participants of the game. By fulfilling the conditions given below, all players hold a chance to win bigger prizes from Roulette. 

  • Four consecutive bet rolls with the same currency result in 7.
  • All of the returning amounts are more than the betting amount. Meaning all the bets were profitable bets.
  • Both the profit and bet amounts are minimum 0.0000015 BTC, 0.00045 ETH, 0.0015 LTC, 0.0225 GAS, 0.0015 MXR, 15 DOGE, 0.00075 DASH, 0.00015 BCH, 0.0045 ETC, 4,850 PlayMoney

Players can earn 100% of the Jackpot if their returning (winning) amount on all four bets (consecutive) is above 40000 DOGE, 1.2 ETH, 4 XMR, 0.4 BCH, 4 LTC, 60 GAS, 12 ETC, 0.004 BTC, 2 DASH  or 24,250,000 PlayMoney.

In case the winning amount is lower than these, then the players will earn a proportional share of the Jackpot where the minimum amount is 1%. And if their winning amounts vary on all four bets, they will earn a Jackpot that equals the winning part of their lowest bet.


The popular game of luck has gained its popularity ever since it was introduced to the world as a televised game. From Japan to the other parts of the world, Plinko is now mostly known as the game of chance. CryptoGames has revamped Plinko with super easy guidelines. To play users drop a colored ball from the top of a pegged pyramid. The bet amount and the color of the ball is decided before they drop the ball. Once the ball is dropped players wait for it to bounce into a slot at the bottom of the pyramid. When the ball reaches a slot, the players are compensated with payouts corresponding to the color of the ball and the slot it drops into. 


To offer a more advanced version of Dice, CryptoGames introduced its ultra-modern model through DiceV2. Its objective is the same as Dice. This means that of two given numbers, you need to predict whether your bet result will be over or lower than theirs. DiceV2’s modern architecture displays the ending result on the slider, and the bar will show your result in the green zone if a correct guess is placed. DiceV2 is accessible for all cryptocurrencies on the casino, and players can choose from two methods to place their bets through the manual or auto bet functions. The slider also moves from left to right to set the payout multiplier and increase or decrease the bet amount. Players will lose the bet amounts for good if the dice prediction is wrong and it rolls outside the green zone. 


This recreation made its way to CryptoGames as their tenth recreation very recently. Keno gained the attention of many old-school gamblers for its lightweight and ideal design in the modern model of the game. After choosing the wager quantity and size, gamers choose 1 – 10 numbers from a field of 40. The guidance from the “How to Play” tab is always available to play the game. Players can use the “Play Money” feature multiple times to understand the game’s layout. Using their instincts, players can pick the numbers, or they may also use its unique Random Field feature to make their guesses. The game rewards if the lucky draw returns the numbers players picked before the game started. 

“Video Poker”

At CryptoGames, you will get not only the original Video Poker but also its different editions. Which are: Better Video Poker or Jacks, and Tens or Better Poker, and Bonus Poker. The advanced and redesigned version of this game increases your chance of winning at an incredible possibility of 1:649,740. Suppose any lucky user wins a royal flush. In that case, s/he will be going home with a prize payout multiplier of 500, which will allow the user to win a maximum of 5 BTC in one single bitcoin bet. Also, with the aid of the “Smart Hold” feature, a user can command the computer to choose which cards to hold on to.

Although, every player should keep in mind that the “Smart Hold” feature chooses cards for them mostly based on what’s laid on the table at the “How to play tab”. This means that sometimes a player may get and hold better cards than the ones the computer has chosen for them. The “Smart Hold” feature also enables players to use the “Auto Bet” feature


No casino should be declared complete without at least one brain game on the list. And keeping that in mind, CryptoGames has added the ever-loved brain game, Minesweeper, as one of the games at its casino. It’s a guarantee that all 90s players can relate to the game instantly and indulge in strategy exchanges with other players! The difficulty of levels of the game is set by the players themselves.

So, the more complicated a level is to complete, the bigger their prize amount is. Similar to the other games at CryptoGames, Minesweeper comes with a complexity-free set of rules. All you need to do to win is steer clear of all mines in the field. However, you can choose to cash out any time after you press start. This option helps players to take risks according to their skill levels. 

Promotions and Monthly Rewards

When we said CryptoGames is a casino that keeps getting better, we were not kidding. And to prove that here’s a brief about their compelling promotions and competitions!

As soon as an account is created, each player is provided with a referral link for promoting CryptoGames. This link can be found in the “Rewards” section under the “Invite A Friend” tab. 15% of the house edge of every bet placed by the players one refers is added to their balance. The person who refers earns the reward regardless of the other person’s win or loss. Along with this, the casino now hosts a competitive weekly and monthly betting tournament for all levels of gamblers on site. These competitions are the best battlefields for both veterans and newcomers to show off their skills and expertise! After each long battle of wagering, the victors are crowned with highly profiting rewards! They get to enjoy easy access to the VIP memberships and the privileges that come along with the tag. The tag of VIP Members lasts until the beginning of the next monthly contest. 

The “Forum” section of the casino is dedicated to keeping all the information regarding the daily/weekly / monthly contests under one organized section. You can also find out more about the daily promotions in the Promotion tab of the “Blog”. So if you’re a fan of competition, you know this is precisely the place for you!

Fruitful VIP Membership and its perks:

For players to earn a premium VIP membership, they must stand in one of the top spots in the monthly contests. Immediately after earning the title of VIP, the following compensation list will be automatically provided. 

  • Enjoy the help of no speed restriction from the server when placing bets. Regardless of size, you can enjoy the fastest betting speeds for one month. 
  • All VIP members are entitled to higher trade limits! VIP players can set a total limit of 1 bitcoin and exchange currencies up to 10 times a day! 
  • In addition to regular chat rooms, players can check out VIP rooms. 
  •   VIP members can celebrate their birthday with $100 worth of bitcoins offered by CryptoGames. However, this only applies to VIP members with Tier 3 Verification (KYC) or higher. 
  • Add more faucet levels to collect more rewards! 
  • All VIP members receive a monthly coupon number by email. The member’s stand in the competitions determines the number of coupons received. In the event of multiple victories in multiple competitions, players are rewarded with only the one with the highest price tag. Offer coupons are distributed only on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week of every month!

 VIP benefits for members using Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin: 

The win top three winners get the following number of coupons: 

 1st place gets 3 coupons, 

 2nd place gets 2 coupons, 

3rd place gets 1 coupon per month. 

 All BTC/ETH vouchers are worth around $50, and LTC coupons are worth around $40 each. 

 Benefits for Monero using members: 

1st place winner will receive one coupon per month, each voucher worth $40. 

And all other coins using members:

 1st place winner gets one coupon per month, each voucher worth $30. PlayMoney winners will unfortunately not be rewarded whatsoever.

As of the moment, the top five players on the Bitcoin and Ethereum leaderboard, the top three on Litecoin, and the winner for the remaining coins will be able to enjoy the exclusive membership for an entire month. PlayMoney winners do not qualify for the membership.

The supportive and watchful nature of the casino: 

With the sole aim of entertaining players from all parts of the world, the casino advises its user to play in a regulated way. This helps them refrain from overindulgence and ensures a safe environment for both developers and users. While most gamblers enjoy the perks of online casinos without any problems, some forget their limitations and overdo everything to win. And so, CryptoGames watches over its precious users with a preventive policy. The policy aims to reduce the negative impact of gambling and promote the potentials of responsible gambling. CryptoGames also aims to remind everyone on board of the economic impact of gambling. It also keeps the doors open at the customer support care system for anyone facing problems. On top of that, players can find themselves helplines or guidelines using the helpful links provided by the casino. 

Some of them being: 

Global Gambling Guidelines Group – 

Gordon Moody Association 

Gambling Therapy – 


Note that anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to open an account or use the platform for any activity. 

As we get to our concluding parts of the review, we urge you to think of all the details once again. And then pay attention to the distinct characteristics of CryptoGames portrayed above. The invulnerable security for transactions, the polished library of games, the thoughtfulness of the system, and the receptive community. All the qualities that strive to provide you with the best betting service available on the internet.

So, now we only hope that when you are lost in a crowd full of average online casinos, you can blindly choose CryptoGames as your escape route. 






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