FameEX Marks 3-Year Anniversary with Web3 Expansion and Commemorative Campaigns

Launched in 2020, FameEX is a secure and global cryptocurrency exchange that has accomplished numerous achievements. Over the past three years, it has attracted 300,000 users from over 50 countries. To enhance its user experience, FameEX has made various optimizations, such as upgrading its interface and adding market analysis features to provide clearer market information. These improvements have boosted its global user engagement. As part of its future plans, FameEX is transitioning towards a Web3 strategy for the exchange. To celebrate its three-year anniversary, FameEX is launching a series of giveaways for its users.

3-Year Milestones

Since its establishment in 2020, FameEX has expanded from a small team of just three founders to a highly efficient global team with over 80 employees. The FameEX exchange currently serves 300,000 users from more than 50 countries. The number of users and trading volume on the exchange have rapidly grown. These successful accomplishments have restored users’ confidence in FameEX, inspiring the company to continually improve its products.

Craft a User-Oriented Experience from Scratch

To cater to the diverse needs of its users and improve their trading experience, FameEX has been consistently expanding its product line and enhancing its interface. Along with its automatic trading functions in the Grid trading bot, FameEX offers Spot Grid quant tool, perpetual USDT futures and options trading products. Over the past few years, FameEX has become more specialized, streamlined, and user-friendly by constantly upgrading its interface. The optimization of its market analysis section has also received significant attention from users and provides clearer market information. The recent upgrades and updates on FameEX were a result of the constructive feedback received from its users over the years.

Advancing into Web3 with a New Strategic Direction

FameEX is also continuously expanding its efforts in the Web3 space with a new brand strategy. This new direction signifies FameEX’s commitment to pushing the limits of the cryptocurrency exchange industry and exploring growth opportunities, strengthening its core competencies, expanding into complementary products, and developing innovative business models that pave the way for Web3 solutions in the crypto ecosystem. To support this expansion, FameEX will be recruiting more Web3 developers and researchers to enhance its Web3 offerings, catering to visionary traders who wish to participate in the future of Web3. In the near future, FameEX will release a range of products, including wallets and exchange tokens, to enter the Web3 ecosystem.

New Logo Reveal with New Tagline

FameEX exchange is proud to celebrate its achievements with its users through the reveal of a new logo. The exchange’s transition from FAMEEX to FameEX represents its commitment to core values centered around fast-matching engine exchange. Initially, the name of FameEX exchange  was an acronym that reflected the goal of creating a fast-matching engine for its users. As the exchange expanded its vision to include future automated marketplaces like Web 3.0 and potentially the first management experience exchange, the name change reflects its ambition to bring its core values to users worldwide while ensuring asset security and management.

FameEX has come a long way, growing from a small startup to a global platform based on trust, security, user-centered design, and innovation. The exchange is committed to continuing its mission of providing users with opportunities to explore the Web3 space in the coming years. The new logo symbolizes the exchange’s dedication to evolving with users’ needs and upholding its values. The future of FameEX is exciting, and the exchange looks forward to serving users with excellence.

Celebratory Campaigns

FameEX has planned a series of celebratory campaigns to express its gratitude toward its users. These campaigns, beginning in early March, will include a trading competition, deposit tasks, and referral bonuses. The FameEX website and social media accounts will unveil the campaign details, which will be a prize pool of 30,000 USDT. This reward is intended for loyal and regular users who have supported FameEX throughout the years.

About FameEX

Launched in 2020. FameEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange that currently provides fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto, grid trading, futures, options, margin, spot and a hugely popular referral and affiliate program. With more than 300,000 users across 50 countries and regions. FameEX provides a secure, stable and efficient 24/7 trading platform.

Currently, FameEX is undergoing rapid expansion of the user base and is a reliable crypto exchange broker which operates under a policy of transparency and fairness. Moreover, the trading platform offers a high level of sophistication, with plenty of engaging trade choices to help traders accomplish their goals.

In addition, FameEX keeps pushing the boundaries of the crypto exchange industry, exploring frontier growth opportunities and strengthening core competencies, expanding into adjacent product offerings and developing innovative business models that lead the way in bringing Web3 solutions into the crypto ecosystem including recruiting more Web3 developers and researchers to enrich the Web3 product that will support those visionary traders.

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Website: https://www.fameex.com/

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Telegram: https://t.me/fameexgroup

Discord: https://discord.gg/V8yvKPxVCk

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