Herobook was born to solve the problem of the market, bring practical value to the blockchain industry, become a “digital hero” in the industry, with the mission of becoming an ecosystem connecting projects. blockchain with traditional capital and vice versa.

After a year of launch, Herobook is on the right path set out from the beginning, which is to operate as a traditional ecosystem combined with blockchain. At the same time, becoming a pioneer in Blockchain Ization of businesses and raising capital through Blockchain, cooperating with blockchain projects with corporations and traditional businesses for escrow and payment, creating a sustainable ecosystem. steady.

It has been proven that 2022 is really a difficult year for the Blockchain market, especially the difficult crypto winter, which almost projects outside the market could not stand, but Herobook is still going. doing very well until today through the projects that have been, are and will be launched, connected with large domestic and foreign projects. The first is the launch of Lucky Hero, which has achieved 10 million HBG from investors in less than 30 days, and a series of new products launched on Lucky Shop with the mechanism of using its own pool to pay as well. This is a strong point that no other project in the market can do.

And if it’s about new projects, we definitely can’t ignore the latest “war god” that Herobook owns, which is Hero Snake, a new game project of the Herobook family that immediately sold 500 E. -NFT within the first 30 minutes of launch. So what created such an explosive project?


HERO SNAKE – will be one of the pioneering projects in a new trend with different solutions for the oversaturated fi game market. The game-fi market in general and the Herobook ecosystem in particular really need a game with simple gameplay, easy to get used to, that can be played anywhere, anytime, with anyone and still retains its character. tactical, competitive and financial.

With Hero Snake, this project will solve all the above market problems. Hero Snake is the combination of simple gameplay and attractive, quality graphics, along with GameFi’s economic model. Many game modes and attractive rewards, creating the opportunity to multiply the account quickly thanks to the players’ own tactics and skills. In-game items are NFTized using blockchain technology to make transactions easy, safe, and transparent.


Released in the last days of the year, Hero Snake is like a very explosive inhalation because of the extremely simple and familiar gameplay mechanism. What makes the difference is that Hero Snake owns E-NFT. Hero Snake Team has meticulously planned the E-NFT initiative to provide the Hero community with access to and the Hero Snake E-NFT experience. Hero Snake E-NFT surpasses traditional models of previous NFTs, bringing more value to owners such as transparency, less manipulation, low volatility…There are 4 legit points attention:

+ Participate in voting and project orientation as an E-NFT holder.

+ Get profit sharing from the project

+ Freedom of exchange in exchanges with high trading volume.

+ Diverse use cases: Collect and use E-NFT in the project.

E-NFT opens the door to greater potential for owners. They can access premium features and will be the first to try, earn unlimited passive income on Herosnake E-NFT.


With this Alpha Test, Hero Snake’s goal to achieve is to bring players new and unique experiences. It’s time to explore one of the truly entertaining NFT games.

With a series of extremely diverse and attractive contests taking place from December 15 to December 28, Hero Snake Team brings very new contests including: “FAN CONTEST! “EXPERIENCE & GET REWARDS”, “HERO SNAKE SHARE-TO-EARN PROGRAM”, “HERO SNAKE TOP RANKING”, “YOU REVIEW, WE REWARD” and “Creating with Hero Snake”.

Through these Contests, you will discover a collection of your favorite snakes, hunt Golden Snakes to master your income, learn the mechanics of fighting in the universe with mysterious planets that will be your first challenge. your first! And especially the upcoming experiences with E-NFT will definitely be the best choices, helping investors understand the potential that Hero Snake E-NFT brings.

Herobook wants its game world to be perfect for players and so your feedback will really contribute to the development, help connect, update information with players to Hero Snake .


Hero Snake’s E-NFT really captivated Herobook’s investors from the very first day of its launch. For every $1000/E-NFT, 500 E-NFTs were sold within 30 minutes of the Loyalty Round launch. With the strong community base that Herobook built in the past year, Hero Snake’s E-NFT has received a huge welcome from the community, that’s why 500 E-NFT has been chosen by many publishers. invest trust and buy right within the first 30 minutes. This is like a “statement” that Hero Snake will be even more explosive in the future.

And on December 26, 500 E-NFT will continue to land in the upcoming PRIVATE SALE. For every $1000/E-NFT, players will immediately own E-NFT with very different benefits.

Considered as a breakthrough of conventional NFT, E-NFT possesses remarkable advantages that users cannot ignore: Difficult to dominate, transparent profits and ownership, price volatility low and safe in investment. With the familiar and easy gameplay mechanics along with the E-NFT option to bring in huge profits, joining Hero Snake is the step that makes you a smart investor and leading the trend. With a series of new contests and a potential E-NFT mechanism, Hero Snake will definitely be a stormy name in the near future in both Blockchain and Gam-fi markets.


Announcement https://t.me/+3s-jpZEbZvU5Yjg1

Twitter https://twitter.com/HHerocoin

Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/herosnake_herocoin

Discord https://discord.com/channels/1037623061568045076/1037623061568045079


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