How EHP Technology Will Revolutionize Airport Runway Heating and Cooling Systems

Maintaining the temperature of airport runways at an optimal level both in summer and winter is essential to ensuring the integrity of the way and the wheels of airplanes. An effective and efficient airport heating and cooling system is vital and should be treated with all importance. 

With the airport infrastructure market projected to rise from USD 97.87 billion in 2022 to over USD 290 billion by 2029 at a compound annual growth rate of more than 16%, many businesses are jostling for parts of this huge market, and a lot of them have developed airport heating and cooling systems. However, EHP Technology appears to be miles ahead of the rest with its revolutionary airport runway heating and cooling system.

Overview of EHP-Powered Airport Runway Heating and Cooling System

The EHP-powered airport runway heating and cooling system is designed to ensure the integrity of the runway surface, unlike most conventional runway snow melting and cooling systems. Due to the rapid response of the airport runway heating system developed with EHP technology, the runway is always kept clean and safe during harsh weather conditions like snowstorms. 

The EHP prevents the runways and apron materials from being damaged by cooling the very hot surface in the summer months. It also prevents major financial losses due to runway heating or the cancelation of flights due to snow and ice. Up to 100% of the EHP can be connected to renewable energy sources. According to Prof. Birol Kilkis, the scientific consultant of EHP, EHP can save up to 100% of operating costs, fossil fuel, and carbon emissions. 

The EHP system is designed to heat up fast and cool down slowly, hence shortening the active operating time of the system. This approach helps save a significant amount of energy. 

The Advantages of EHP Airport Runway Heating and Cooling System

1.  It is completely safe

EHP technology has the MSDS certificate and does not adversely impact human health; neither does it negatively impact the environment. The technology has no flammable, allergen, carcinogenic, or pathogen effects. 

2.  EHP is environmentally friendly 

The technology can be integrated up to 100% with clean energy sources. In this way, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced due to no reliance on fossil fuels. The cumulative impact of EHP-integrated products can save up to 375 million tons of CO2 per year. 

3.  The Technology is Cost-effective

EHP has about 60% less installation cost than most conventional airport runway heating and cooling systems. The technology offers long-term savings by significantly reducing energy consumption and eliminating maintenance costs. EHP does not require any maintenance and can continue to function optimally as long as it is not damaged. 


The EHP Technology system for heating and cooling airport runways is futuristic regarding its energy consumption and functionality. This heating and cooling solution is adaptable and can function effectively and efficiently on all airport runways. You can read more about the application of EHP Technology on their official website