How to make money on cryptocurrency? Top 7 reasons to choose CryptoKG to earn cash online

The cryptocurrency market offers great opportunities for anyone who wants to earn cash online. Among the many platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, CryptoKG exchange stands out, which has already gained popularity in 140 countries in a short period of time. Why is it easy and profitable to work with this exchange? We found 7 main reasons.

  1. Reliability and Security

There are a lot of cryptocurrency projects, but not all of them are trustworthy. You’ve probably heard more than once about exchanges that don’t pay money or cheat their clients. To make your investment in the crypto market justify itself, choose a site where you can earn real money, that is a broker with a license.

CryptoKG is licensed and registered in the UK. The company operates officially, in compliance with EU legislation. Its activity is monitored by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), so clients can be sure that their interests are protected.

  1. Fast exchange of cryptocurrencies

At CryptoKG exchange you can quickly exchange U.S. dollars and euros to cryptocurrency USDT and BTC. There is no need to have a special wallet: the exchange takes place directly in the Personal Office of the client. All you need to do is to deposit the required amount in regular currency and use the exchange function. Five minutes and you already have cryptocurrency in your account.

Clients’ funds are stored in closed wallets, and only the account owner can withdraw them. To do this, all clients undergo verification.

  1. Web platform

The main advantage of the crypto market is its volatility: the value of coins can skyrocket or drop by tens of percent in a matter of hours. Those who take advantage of this can make good money. 

But how can you buy or sell cryptocurrency in time, if, for example, you are not at home, but on the road, in a store, or on vacation? With CryptoKG online earning site you won’t miss any profitable deal because there is no need to download the trading platform. Log in to your Personal Office on the exchange site from any device and you have the platform at your fingertips!

  1. Tokenized assets

More and more investors are favoring tokens for marketable assets – stocks, indices, metals, goods in digitized form. These are innovative market instruments that few companies have – CryptoKG among them.

The advantage of tokenized assets is that you can easily make money online on stocks of major companies, invest in oil or gas, silver or gold, stock indexes or even grain with cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to go the hard way to access stock, raw materials or goods exchanges: all assets are available in the CryptoKG platform in a single click.

Want to feel on the same footing as professional investors? Make an investment portfolio from various assets under the guidance of CryptoKG experts (there is even a special service package “Personal Banking” ). And get easy money from home at any changes in the market situation.

  1. Margin Trading

Margin trading (or trading with leverage) allows you to earn more without investing additional money. By borrowing funds from the exchange, the trader can open a deal for an amount several times larger than his own in order to get several times higher profit. The maximum leverage depends on the account type: 1:5, 1:10 or 1:20.

Let’s say you want to buy tokenized Google stock. Your investment = 1000 USDT, and the leverage is 1:5. So, the transaction amount will be 5 times more, 5000 USDT. And if the deal closes with a profit, your profit will also be 5 times larger. Of course, you have to be careful with leverage and not take too much risk.

  1. An easy start for a beginner

Many people think that you need a lot of capital to start in the crypto market. In fact, even 500 USDT is enough to open a SILVER trading account at CryptoKG. And if you want to learn how to trade without risk, you can try your forces on a demo account.

  1. Profitable deposit and withdrawal of funds

The online earning site provides customers with more than 20 ways to deposit and withdraw funds. All of them are reliable and proven: SWIFT and SEPA transfers, bank cards MasterCard and Visa, electronic payment systems, as well as cryptocurrencies.

The exchange does not take any additional commissions, so your costs for payment transactions will be minimal. For example, when using Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin cryptocurrency wallets, the commission will be 0% – the most profitable.

If you are ready to start on the crypto market with CryptoKG, you can register here. On the site you will also find contacts of the Customer Support service – managers will answer all your questions and will help you to choose the type of account.