Pando Group Successfully Closed First Round of Strategic Equity Investment Hundred Million Dollar EV, Led by Longling Capital, to Jointly Explore the Trillion-Dollar Compliant Digital Asset Market

(Hong Kong, May 6, 2024) – Pando Finance Group (hereinafter referred to as ” Pando Finance Group ” or the “Company”) announced that it has obtained a strategic equity investment with hundred million dollar EV, led by Longling Capital.

Pando Finance Group states that this strategic collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the company’s development journey. The newly injected funds will be utilized in key areas of growth, including market expansion, innovative product development, recruitment of key talents, and technological upgrades. The aim is to accelerate the company’s positioning within the era of virtual assets through these strategic initiatives. Currently, the group’s asset management scale has reached five hundred million US dollars.

As a pioneer in the digital asset management field, Pando Group’s subsidiary, Pando Asset AG, established its headquarters in Zurich in 2022 and issued Pando 6 Spot Virtual Asset Fund (Bitcoin/Ethereum Spot ETPs) on the Swiss Exchange. Another subsidiary of Pando Group, Pando Finance Limited, has obtained licenses from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong for Type 1 (Dealing in Securities), Type 4 (Advising on Securities), and Type 9 (Asset Management) activities, as well as qualifications for managing investment portfolios with over 10% allocation to virtual assets and has issued several outstanding actively managed ETF products. Through its strategic positioning in this field, the company has accumulated extensive experience in digital asset allocation and compliance, and is committed to providing diversified investment solutions. Through its continuous commitment to innovation, it has attracted numerous investors seeking to seize opportunities in the dynamically changing investment landscape.

At the policy level, the Hong Kong government has explicitly expressed its commitment to further develop the virtual asset ecosystem. With major global cryptocurrency participants establishing their global headquarters in Hong Kong, Pando Finance Group firmly believes that Hong Kong will gradually evolve into a vibrant virtual asset hub. Looking ahead, driven by policy support and market prospects, Pando Finance Group will leverage its leading position in the industry to promote the high-quality development of the virtual asset industry and contribute Chinese wisdom and strength to the prosperity of the global virtual asset industry.