Polygame: Our Future

Who We Are

Polygame is the world’s first decentralized platform utilizing smart contract technology to equip eSports players and teams with tools to enhance live streaming. The first blockchain-based platform to present any gamer or streamer with new opportunities to connect and earn from content production.

The platform offers users unique and original opportunities to earn from both streaming and watching. Game enthusiasts can not only play the games they adore on a single global platform, but they can also earn by doing so in the process.

Early adopters have touted our attractive, transparent revenue-sharing model matched with our industry-leading streaming service and content delivery network, which offer seamless, stable, and low latency gaming content to millions of viewers. Polygame is the only platform embracing the reality of modern-day gaming: technology has changed how we find content creators, and, as such, we are providing the gaming community innovative ways to own and earn. 


eSports is a fast-growing industry. Nowadays, eSports is as legitimate as any other in-real-life sporting event, and is growing in popularity every day. eSports competitions and game streams are viewed in over 180 countries. The global eSports market generated nearly $1 billion of revenue in 2020 and is expected to generate $4.75 billion annually by 2030.

In recent years, we have seen eSports prizes continuously increase, with several competitions becoming highly lucrative; this intrinsically entices even more global interest.

The total valuation of eSports collectibles is currently estimated to be more than $7.5 billion!

A recent survey by eSportsinsider shows that 63% of gamers would increase their spending on eSports assets if these assets had more real-world value. Polygame has solutions to supply the liquidity to make this real for many of them.

Watch-to-Earn PGEM

Polygame has changed the landscape for all gamers worldwide by introducing an exceptional “watch-to-earn” system. Viewers will be able to purchase fan tokens, which is analogous to an investment in the creator’s future.

This exclusive watch-to-earn method lets viewers watch their favorite content creator and earn PGEM in the process. The PGEM token powers the ecosystem and powers the community, creating a new digital currency positioned to make enormous waves in the morphing landscape of cryptocurrencies. 

PGEM tokens can be utilized within the ecosystem as a currency or exchanged securely and transparently in the open market. Content creators can mint NFTs of key gameplay moments and sell them to their fans and collectors, similar to trading cards.


The concept behind Polygame is that revenue generated from streaming games and minting associated NFTs will eventually surpass yields seen in the real world.

As a result, game developers, streamers, and gamers will all profit from our well-thought-out ecosystem. Polygame’s thriving local eSports and content delivery ecosystem will transform the gaming industry permanently. 

We grant streamers and viewers the opportunity to interact decentrally with each other and earn. The platform also provides an opportunity for streamers to create unique experiences for their target audience and generate revenue without the constraints or impediments imposed by legacy streaming companies. 

Support Polygame

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