Popop world: the first mini-game platform on blockchain

Popop world
is the first mini-platform based on blockchain ever. It is based on the Polygon blockchain, a scaling solution that provides many tools to improve the speed and reduce the costs of the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike many other gaming blockchain platforms, Popop world is a play-to-earn game that aims to revolutionize the sector of GameFi, creating a sort of social gaming platform where the community plays a central role (SocialFi).

It’s not a game only for blockchain players but it’s also very interesting for every game lover.

At first sight, it may seem something very similar to other platforms, but it’s not how it seems. That’s why I’m going to tell you the differences that this game has among all the others.

Differences with other blockchain gaming platforms

Most other gaming platforms based on blockchain offer only one or a few games. Popop world, however, at its launch will have around 20 games but soon after, it will have hundreds of games available.

But how is it possible? The answer is very simple: collaboration and inclusion of the community. In fact, it will be possible for everyone with some programming abilities, to develop a new mini-game and publish it on the platform. A unique feature of Popop World.

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But that’s not all, in fact, all the games on the platform will be carefully selected in order to be user-friendly, easy to play, and suitable for all ages. That’s why Popop World has all the potential to became the most popular and used blockchain gaming platform.

Moreover, it is also based on Polygon, a blockchain much more efficient than Ethereum, the platform where most of its competitors are based.

Why does mini-game platforms will be the trend?

Now that you know what is Popop World and how it stands out from all its competitors, you may be asking why I think that mini-game platforms will be the trend of the next few years.

I think so because, while during the Covid period, NFT games, playable only with the computer, have become a trend, with the end of Covid there is a need for a new trend. When everyone will start to stay most of the day outside, at school, or at work, he will be no more able to use his computer to play NFT games; he will have to choose an alternative.

Mini-game platforms, like Popop World, represent this alternative. In fact, they are playable everywhere, even on your smartphone, and if sometimes you get tired of a game, you can easily play another one in a matter of a few seconds, without having to change the platform.

That’s why I think that Popop World is quite revolutionary and why I think that in the next few months or so mini-games platforms will overtake standard NFT games.

Game mode

The game mode is obviously the core section of the platform. It’s a section full of games that in the future will probably contain hundreds or thousands of them. There is a large variety of games with many gameplay ways, such as hand-to-hand speed, eye-to-eye, or strategy.

Playing on Popop World will be a unique experience, similar to an amusement park. In fact, they will be integrated into the games many items that will remind you of some feelings of Disneyland, if you have ever been there.

Every game will be short and fast, it will last around 1 or 2 minutes.

By playing you will get some EXP rewards, that you will then be able to exchange with the POP token.

POP token

POP is the governance token of the platform. It’s an ERC 20 token based on the Polygon blockchain. It has a maximum supply fixed at 1 billion tokens, but it isn’t going to be released all at once. In fact, just a small percentage will be released after the listing, which is set to happen very soon, the majority of the tokens will be released gradually in the following years.

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POP tokens will have a central role in the game and you will be able to use them in many ways. For example, it will be possible to make some purchases in the game mall and buy NFT. You will be also able to stake all, or some, of your POP token in order to receive interest and earn governance rights, such as vote rights and a share of the game’s revenue.

But how can you earn POP tokens? It’s very simple: you just have to play some games on the platform and earn EXP rewards, which are obtainable just by winning or reaching a certain position. Then you will be able to convert this EXP into POP tokens in the market section of the platform at a rate calculated in real-time by an algorithm.

Popman NFT

Popman NFTs are the non-fungible token of the platform. In order to use Popop world, you need to buy one of them.

There are 10000 Popman NFT and they are divided into five levels: B, A, S, SS, SSS. B is the basic level, while SSS is the most advanced. By owning a superior level you will have some advantages in the game, like an increase in the EXP rewards, and also your NFT will be valued more as the high-level NFT are rarer.

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The good news is that the sale of Popman NFT will start in October 2021 and they will be available in a popular NFT marketplace called Opensea. Then in the following months, it will be created an NFT marketplace in the Popop world platform.


Popop World is a very interesting platform. The sector of mini-games is extremely promising and Popop world, at the moment, is the only blockchain platform following this trend. For its uniqueness and its features, it’s very likely that it will be a success.

Website: https://www.popop.world/

Telegram channel: https://t.me/popopworldchannel

Telegram group: https://t.me/popopworldcommunity

Twitter https://twitter.com/popop_world

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popopworld

Discord: https://t.co/kFXhVwLVvA?amp=1

Medium: https://popopworld.medium.com/