Potential projects to get whitelisted on Solana and Ethereum

The rapid expansion of the NFT sector over the last year has made possible a plethora of innovative new endeavors. The early identification of many of these projects by astute investors presents a tempting investment opportunity.

This guide will explore the top forthcoming NFTs and the best places to invest in these assets right now (with no transaction fees) to assist investors better navigate the investing environment.

1. Pyra Alien 


Vietnamese people have started a lot of NFT projects so far. But mostly NFT branding, Gamefi NFT, and mostly sh*t. Binz NFT is probably the most popular, but now I don’t know where it drift to. The easiest way to explain it is with the idea of wasting and lying. Those who want to do it have not reached that level yet.

In terms of defi, Vietnam has two organizations, Coin98 and Kyber Network, that are strong and have a long-term plan to start building. It is longer. But in the end, there was a full-fledged organization to do this, so Pyra Alien was born.

Pyra Research, which is the largest NFT DAO in Vietnam, built Pyra Alien. The NFT Pyra Alien will be both useful and recognizable. At the moment, there isn’t much information about the project’s direction, roadmap, or what problems NFT solves. Just got Twitter, Discord, and some art that got out. I’ll tell you more later.

I like this because Pyra Research has a lot of experience with NFT. They are not an anonymous group that just jumped into an NFT Collections. Instead, they have a loyal community that has been living together for a while. I have no doubt that they will do well with this collection. Watch out if you want to join Discord early, and join the whitelist hunting giveaway.

2. HelloMoon

There are several NFT utilities on Solana, although most of them are duplicates. Only the top 1.2 percent of NFTs are actually innovative. There are only a few of similar applications, such as monitoring floor price, candlestick charts for NFT, purchase volume, and sell volume. Generally speaking, these facts are rather broad and general. It is quite difficult to bring them together and develop a coherent and successful investing plan.

Is there a group that has already resolved this issue? Yes, Nansen is the correct answer. However, Nansen is quite pricey. When novices see Nansen’s price, they will likely weep. HelloMoon will rise to the occasion to resolve both of these issues.

HelloMoon consists of Solana Defi & NFT analytics, or investment assistance tools. Instead of needing to pay a monthly fee to use Nansen, you now just need to pay a one-time fee of 1 NFT to have lifelong access to all the features that were originally regarded as unique to Nansen. HelloMoon has completed the development of its data analytics platform for NFT and Defi. The commonest and most desired HelloMoon features include:
– Smart minting tracking
– KOLS wallet tracking
– Smart money inflow / outflow
– Exchange

Currently, according to the project statement, NFT collections are planned for the near future. The new project introduced an OG position to the Discord server. Little is known about this new position. In my experience, the guarantee whitelist or the whitelist review will take precedence over the typical role. Try to get the OG position, and be helpful.

The reason I like this offer: Solana adores the NFT utility, particularly the projects that have been previously published and have excellent finishing. Recently, NFT utilities such as SharkyFi, Heroes, etc. have an excellent ROI. If HelloMoon is successful, it will be a very cost-effective alternative to the mountain of money spent on Nansen. It seems to be free money.

3. Degen news

Currently, crypto investing, NFT, is exceedingly exhausted. Every morning, you must read a mountain of news from around 4.5 distinct news websites. Then, if you are investing in a project, you must visit the Twitter and website of each project individually to read the most recent updates. Then, in order to increase your portfolio, you must locate projects and study a mountain of information on each one. This is in addition to the fact that you must absorb crucial knowledge as fast as possible since it may immediately affect your finances.

Simple example: You purchase token A. Project A is compromised. Hundreds of investors drove a massive amount of sell pressure to the floor with lightning speed. The prevalent mindset is to release as soon as possible. Reduce loss as much as feasible. Do you want me to hear this news as quickly as possible so that I may sell it as soon as possible, or do you want the price to plummet before you read that it was hacked? Degenerate was created to address these two issues. Their philosophy is to be the most thorough and efficient.

Degenerate Labs is a news media firm focusing on NFT. Degen news’s objective is to transmit information in real time as quickly as possible, and they have already achieved this pace. Five employees are on duty almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get information as promptly as feasible.

I was astonished by how quickly Degen News’ NFT deployment occurred after two weeks of testing. Not only are all market-related headlines current, but so are even the most trivial events, such as the founders of two NFT ventures cursing at one other. Degen News is the first project I enable Twitter alerts for so I can read it fast and easily. It is unclear if there are genuinely 5 individuals and a coordination of Machine Learning, but the reporting pace is far faster than Watcher.guru or Unfolded.

In the future, they will enhance the quality of their reports, analyses, ratings, and data, as well as send investigative teams to examine incidents of rug pull, hack, and security warning for projects. is in view.

Reasons why I like: As stated before, Solana enjoys the utility NFT. Degen News has attained the highest degree of news speed. It can be argued that both Solana NFT members now read Degen News since they do it not only quickly, but also frequently and without interruption, unlike previous units.

Frank – CEO of Degod, Garga.eth – Co-Founder of Yuga Labs, Bulldog – Co-Founder of Solgod, Hex – Founder of The Fracture, and Hex – Founder of The Fracture are among the notable Twitter followers of Degen news.

4. BBs

Tw: https://twitter.com/bbs_nfts

This project has a rather peculiar marketing strategy. Instead of requiring a member to be helpful and active in order to be included to the whitelist, the project demands that he be nominated by another member. 1 to 10, 10 to 100, etc., everyone will ask another person to nominate them, and the person who is nominated will then find another person to nominate himself.

Reason I call this transaction: A novel approach to marketing. However, the project lacks a comprehensive web and Discord. Art has not yet been evaluated. However, relentlessly pursue the whitelist. Sell it only to people with a strategic perspective.

BBs are also called by several powerful Alpha DAOs. I have no idea whether they have any private insight, but I’ll try anyway.

This project’s marketing strategy is peculiar. However, the project has only been underway for 5 days. There is currently no site, Discord, Telegram, or other information available. I am unaware of the strategy. What is this undertaking about?

5. Simmple Labs

Tw: https://twitter.com/simmplelabsnft

Simple Labs is engaged in Tool NFT. The project contributes to the development of a web3.0 infrastructure that optimizes the user experience. Very fresh project. Since there is no website or private Discord, I have little information to exploit.

Reason I call this transaction: The project is a collaboration of the two largest Solana NFTs, Elixir and Blocksmith. According to the information revealed by the kols on the Simmple Labs discord call, this is an exceedingly “Interesting” development. Numerous Alpha DAOs have called this wager. You must also maintain a whitelist. It seems to be nothing and everything.

(This undertaking is so novel. It has just been in operation for a week, therefore I can scarcely get any information regarding its partners.

6. World CupBear

Tw: https://twitter.com/WC_Bearclub

The betting industry is outlawed in Asian nations. However, the desire for betting as amusement has existed since antiquity, thus this is not the reason why the number of gamers has declined. And if there is a supply, there will be a need for the development of underground betting platforms to meet the demands of gamers. Even if the existing betting floor is 100% privately owned and conducted underground, the player is the one who suffers when a problem arises. There is no one government capable of resolving this issue. The betting floors automatically modify the odds in a match to limit the winner’s profit or brazenly freeze the account of a player who wins often for extremely generic reasons, such as: fraud suspicion. The concept of utilizing blockchain to monitor these actions has existed for a long time, but it has not been implemented since doing so would not maximize the profit for the home. Bear Club recognized this issue and devised the Bear Club World Cup to decentralize and automatically manage actions throughout the match and to maintain the neutrality of Bettors’ and Bookies’ interests. There will no longer be Bookies riding on the necks and heads of Bettors.

WCBearClub is an Ethereum-based betting NFT. WCBear aims to decentralize betting operations by using blockchain to run autonomously, hence preventing the house from intervening to adjust the match rate, betting outcomes, or lock the user’s inorganic account.

Betting exchange, BearClubSwap, NFT Marketplace, and BearClubTV are some of the features that WCBearClub intends to include on its AIO platform.

Users invest NFT to gain $BUST, which they then use to wager on sports contests.

Wcbear employs the Stake-Burn NFT (Stake earn token, burn NFT earn token) methodology to optimize the amount of inflation on both the NFT and the token in the face of almost insurmountable inflation challenges. In addition to each milestone, the number of tokens acquired via staking will be halved over time. Wcbear’s objective is to tackle the issue of inflation as comprehensively as possible, hence creating a sustainable economic model for project participants.

In addition, the most crucial aspect is that WCBearClub will migrate the majority of its platform operations to on-chain for maximum transparency and simplicity, while players will watch the actions of the house.

The reason I like this offer: Tokenomics is excellent, with a solid revenue strategy and a positive World Cup trend. Why not speculate?