Public Masterpiece Token (PMT) Unveils Revolutionary Art-Driven Shift at Star-Studded Hamburg Gala

PMT’s Transition from Meme to Masterpiece Promises to Redefine Art Tokenization, Sparking Anticipation for Surge in Demand


  • Public Meme Token transformed into the Public Masterpiece Token shedding its gimmick to unveil curated well-thought Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization ambitions.
  • PMT was launched in January 2024 after 6 years of research and development and currently sits at a fully diluted valuation of just under $12 million
  • Renowned Brazilian artist Romulo Kuranyi launched his artwork of German cycling legend Jan Ullrich’s life as a Public Masterpiece at the event
  • PMT’s first drop of RWA’s which sold in under 48hours was a collaboration with renowned artist Rocketbyz and the first piece of the collection currently belongs to American singer and songwriter Jason Derulo
  • Moreno Pisano, the Italian designer famed for his diamond chair will be adding his masterpieces to the PMT collection

Hamburg, Germany, 29 April 2024: A significant development occurred in the digital asset space as the Public Meme Token (PMT) transitioned into the Public Masterpiece Token (PMT), heralding a new era for this innovative platform. This transformation was unveiled at a high-profile exhibition held at the 25-hours Gallery in Hamburg, Germany, attended by 150 VIP guests including sports luminaries and cultural figures.

The event, organized by PMT founder Kamran Arki—a former developer and IT specialist—showcased the project’s evolution from a meme-based concept to a sophisticated art token initiative. Among the notable attendees were Bernd Wehmeier, Vice President of the German football club HSV; Tyron Zeuge, a former Boxing World Champion; Andrej Mangold, a former basketball star and TV personality; and Jan Ullrich, a Tour de France champion.

Jan Ullrich

Kamran Arki, addressing the assembly, highlighted the project’s journey: “Initially, we began as a meme token, acknowledging the significant role memes play in our digital culture. However, our project was always more ambitious, involving utilities, securities, and innovative collaborations that extend beyond typical meme token ventures. We were just waiting for the right time to evolve.”

He further elaborated on the project’s new direction: “As the Public Masterpiece, we aim to revolutionize the art industry, creating an ecosystem filled with unique Real World Asset (RWA) drops. This includes tokenizing a wide array of artistic works, from collectibles and vintage automobiles to distinctive real estate and limited edition luxury watches. Our objective is expansive and inclusive of all forms of artistic expression.”

This pivot marks the culmination of six years of research and development since the project’s inception in January 2024. PMT has achieved considerable success, highlighted by the rapid sale of 250 unique RWAs within 48 hours, in collaboration with artist Rocketbyz, who is known for his work with prestigious brands, celebrities and favored by luminaries such as Chris Brown and Jason Derulo.

At the Hamburg event, the upcoming RWA drop was also revealed, featuring a collaboration between renowned Brazilian artist Romulo Kuranyi and German cycling legend Jan Ullrich. This new artwork aims to encapsulate the illustrious cycling career of Ullrich, with plans to release 250 numbered and signed pieces, promising to attract significant interest from the art community worldwide.


Romulo Kuranyi, Kamran Arki, Jan Ullrich

About Public Masterpiece:

Public Masterpiece is an innovative art project designed to democratize the appreciation and ownership of art across diverse forms. It will not only make art accessible to a broader audience but also support artists by providing them with a new way to gain recognition and financial stability. Through Public Masterpiece, every piece of art has the potential to be celebrated and owned by anyone, anywhere, empowering both creators and collectors alike.






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