SolidViolet Announcing Forthcoming Exchange to Address Compliance and Liquidity Issues in DeFi and RWAs

SolidViolet Announcing Forthcoming Exchange to Address Compliance and Liquidity Issues in DeFi and RWAs

[Palo Alto, CA – May 16, 2024] – Dinari today announced the upcoming release of a new compliant exchange, SolidViolet. Teased on stage last week at TokenizeThis, Dinari is setting up a separate entity to launch the new protocol. The underlying compliant trading solution that SolidViolet offers will be coupled with features to aggregate and fund Real World Asset (RWA) liquidity on chain for a variety of issuer partners.

In addition to the announcement of the new protocol, SolidViolet announced the release of a staking contract for early investors to deposit Lido Staked Ethereum (stETH) and mainnet to receive SolidViolet’s native token upon token launch in Fall 2024. Investors who participate in the first week of staking will receive a 2x boosted rate for their deposits. The staking pool is available at

Among SolidViolet’s core features are solutions for perpetual futures trading, allowing investors to take positions previously available, leveraging Dinari dShares and a number of other partner assets. Additionally, SolidViolet will seek to set up a number of mechanisms to tangibly support issuer liquidity. This will include tooling to allow for issuers to control the circulation of their assets to ensure regulatory compliance, and a user centric KYC flow for investors to open access to as many assets and markets as possible, as seamlessly as possible.

Dinari CEO Gabriel Otte stated, “for SolidViolet, utility isn’t just a feature, it’s the foundation. A tokenized asset only gains true power when it can be compliantly used across the DeFi. We’re proud to be bringing SolidViolet to market to enable RWA issuers to bring their assets on chain, and provide institutions with a legitimate path to participate in the future of finance.”

The infrastructure for SolidViolet has been in ongoing development for over a year, built by founders (with multibillion dollar exits) and executives from Crunchyroll, LegalZoom, Freenome, and a number of other unicorn tech companies and Fortune 500 enterprises. The SolidViolet protocol is currently raising funding via a private sale and securing initial go to market partners, including many of top RWA protocols. A public pre-sale and public sale are scheduled for this Summer 2024, with Protocol Launch and IDO slated Fall 2024


About SolidViolet:

SolidViolet is a blockchain-based exchange focused on optimizing liquidity and accessibility of Real-World Assets. The platform prioritizes compliance, security, and liquidity to create a robust and efficient marketplace for issuers and investors within the DeFi landscape.

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