The Assure Announces Launch of Web3.0 Crypto Trading Management Aggregator

Colorado, July 05, 2022  – Assure, a crypto trading management aggregator, has announced that it will be launching a Web 3.0 wallet that can meet all the expectations of Web3 users and become the best portal for hundreds of millions of Web2 users to enter the Web3 world. 

Assure was founded in 2021 to provide decentralized wallets with more sophisticated features that help match transactions, hold assets, and extend value. In the future, the Assure team hopes to decentralize aggregation and payment infrastructures, allowing users to freely exchange content in the encrypted Aspace, realize the optimum potential of E2EE for DeFi, and enable real-time settlement between networks and currencies.

When discussing how tedious the process is with web 2.0 and the current wallet, Alex, the founder of Assure, stated that for each exchange, users must undergo the KYC process, which nobody enjoys. Furthermore, due to the exchange’s requirement to submit pictures of their ID cards and even take their photographs, their privacy is exposed, resulting in a risk of a data breach. 

Among the features of the Assure wallet are storage, transactions, DApps, chat, and an aggregator for financial management. Furthermore, users can transfer assets from the wallet to Exchange with one click for spot, futures, and margin trading. A single token will also be able to be used for different blockchains for paying gas fees, Alex said.

While discussing the Asset Page features, Alex added that Assure would cover multi-chain and multi-type assets. Meaning users can check assets in different chains in one place without having to switch between other chains. 

The KYC process is no longer required for users to exchange for trades. As long as they have assets in their wallet address, they can deposit funds to Binance and do so. Moreover, Assure will connect to Binance “ba-lending” and other wealth management products and Binance spot, futures, and margin trading. 

While talking about how Assure is unique, Alex said, “What makes Assure more attractive is that we will rebate according to the transaction fee in the form of platform governance token.” 

Assure has also announced that it will work diligently to repair the cracks in the blockchain industry. It has been stated that the platform will aggregate all the displays of multichain assets on one page. In addition, Assure intends to act as a bridge between CeFi and DeFi to ensure free transfers. 

When asked about his opinion about the DApp world, the company said, “ There are thousands of existing DApps on different chains. Although some DApps claim to be deployed on multiple chains, they are still fragmented. Moreover, DApps on different chains requires different gas fees, which is extremely inconvenient for users.” 

According to the company, Assure intends to provide a convenient channel to purchase encrypted assets with fiat currency in the future. It is expected that traditional Web2 users will have difficulty adjusting to Web3, but the company hopes to make the transition easier for them. 

About Assure: 

The company was founded in Q4 2020 by Alex and co-founders James, Ken, and Terry. To meet the needs of Web3.0 users, Assure offers a safe, dependable, and user-friendly self-custodial solution for encrypted assets. Through Assure, users can easily switch between CeFi and DeFi and connect to the leading centralized exchanges. A further goal of Assure is to offer its users a practical and value-added encrypted banking management solution that is safe, practical, and easy to use.