The Metaverse-Conquering Beast: METAZILLA

What is the MetaZilla Project?

MetaZilla is a community-driven project born out of the combination of the city-destroying beast
Godzilla and the realm beyond reality called the Metaverse. The MetaZilla project had one
objective in mind from the start and that is “The conquer and conquest of the Metaverse”
through any means possible. It is operated by a team of 6 ambitious members having various
experiences, backgrounds and skills in the cryptocurrency industry and have been able to
deliver constant and necessary updates to the MetaZilla project and community. The MetaZilla
project has grown quite in size as of time of writing, currently featuring a play-to-earn game
called “Destroy the Fudders”, a community composed of over 18,000 holders and an NFT
Collection that is about to be released alongside an NFT marketplace built on top of the
MetaZilla website!

The Birth of MetaZilla

The MetaZilla project began its debut on the 29th of October 2021 through stealth launching the
$MZ token on the Binance Smart Chain, with a starting marketcap of only 500$ and a total
supply of 69,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 $MZ tokens. The token didn’t take long before
exploding, in fact it went to a marketcap of 3,200,000$ in under 16 hours and that showed the
team just how much demand and hype was being created by the MetaZilla Community!

During the early days of the MetaZilla project, the team and community had been
communicating and working together constantly to envision the future of the MetaZilla project
and how it will come to accomplish the goal of conquering the Metaverse, to that end various
development and marketing plans had already been made and initiated. Without any haste, the
team went on to update the MetaZilla Brand reflecting the vision of both team and community,
documented the road that MetaZilla will be following on its Whitepaper and initiated the massive
marketing strategy, which was then followed by an immediate attempt to break the all time high

The plans that had been included were the development and release of MetaZilla play-to-earn
games, the design and release of MetaZilla NFT collections and development towards achieving
cross-chain interoperability to expand the universe in which MetaZilla exists in.

MetaZilla’s “Destroy ALL Fudders” Play-to-Earn Game
The first play-to-earn game developed by the MetaZilla team is called “Destroy All Fudders”, it is
a “shoot em up” themed arcade game where the objective is to get a high score on the wallet
leaderboard shared with other $MZ token holders!

In order to be eligible to play the game, you will need to hold a minimum of
5,500,000,000,000,000,000 $MZ tokens in your cryptocurrency wallet, which can be obtained
through Pancakeswap, after which you will need to connect your wallet to the website. Once
connected, the objective is to destroy as much fudders as possible by manoeuvring your
MetaZilla and shooting the fudders with MetaZilla’s Beams of Destruction before getting
overwhelmed by the endless waves of FUD, to have the game ended and only as ready to give
it to the Fudders all over again!

Your score is calculated by the amount of Fudders you take down and if you manage to score in
the top 30 wallets on the leaderboard, then you are eligible for a prize reward in $MZ tokens.
They are airdropped directly to your wallet and the amount of $MZ tokens you earn are related
to your ranking on the leaderboard, which means top scorers will earn more $MZ tokens and as
the project appreciates in value, the reward’s value will only increase!

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