An Exclusive Interview with Mutant Parrot Society Co-Founder Serife Eskisan

From Bitcoin and DogeCoin to the MetaVerse, blockchain has contributed to the world in several ways. However, one other thing which emerged from Blockchain is NFTs. Who would have thought they could secure digital content, provide provenance, and encode conditional transactions through blockchain? Many platforms wish to capture the NFT market every day, but one has emerged recently that does not only seek to capture the NFT market but also curb the corporate corruption of the global money supply that has dominated people’s lives for so long.

Today, our guest is the co-founder of The Mutant Parrot Society, who will tell us more about how their platform is bringing change to the NFT market.

What started your interest in Crypto?

At first, I’ll be honest, I was not interested at all in Crypto. Instead of focusing on the potential, I thought more about the losses. There was a lot I didn’t know about the general cryptocurrency market. I was fortunate to have Troy Quraishi and Essa Coles, who educated me and guided me through the crypto space. I gained the confidence to invest my money into Bitcoin and Ethereum, and I have been supporting them ever since. 

What are some of the representational issues that you see in crypto nowadays?

Being a hijab-wearing woman, I see that Crypto lacks diversity. There are not enough women in the crypto space, especially ethnic minorities. Many women feel pressured, even if they work and own their own business, to make big decisions that involve a lot of money, and I felt the same. We need to empower women to have the confidence to invest and make the decisions they want with their money.

What is MPS?

Mutant parrot society is an all-inclusive space that we invite everyone to participate in. We want to be able to give everyone a voice and unite to create a better future. We also want to give people the confidence to not be afraid of Crypto and NFTs.

What do you hope to achieve with MPS?

I seek to empower individuals to be confident enough to enter the crypto space and feel more involved through the MPS project. I am a Gen Z woman, and I understand that Crypto can be scary, but believe me, if I can do it, so can everyone else.

What is your role in MPS, and which area do you handle?

At first I was invested in NFTs, and I fell in love with projects working to bring some change, such as the World of Women. Therefore, I wanted to create something where we could get a united community that welcomes everyone to work together and face the causes of our planet and society to bring a better future. My role in the project as a visionary has allowed me to guide my team and challenge our decisions to ensure every step we take has a purpose that will bring out the best for our project. 

What’s ahead?

We are working hard on the project right now, and we hope to attract people who have the same ethos and values as us and love the Art and concept behind MPS. We just want to grow to become better and more empowered to help make a difference. 

Can you tell us something about the team?

Mutant Parrot Society began as the brainchild of Troy Quraishi and Sully Waheed, who are the founders. Essa Cole and I joined the venture as co-founders.The MPS team consists of Millennials and GenZ with the goal of playing an essential part in the crypto evolution.We all worked  together to bring this mission to life & while doing so had an amazing time learning and exploring about all the weird & wonderful creatures from which we took inspiration for the mutations within our collection.