Blockster Aims to Unite Blockchain Enthusiasts Under One Platform

Gibraltar, April 14, 2022 (NAME) – – Blockster,  a social networking platform centered on user-generated crypto and blockchain content is aiming to change the way crypto enthusiasts and crypto professionals keep up with the current cryptocurrency market trends. 

During the launch of the platform a few months ago, Adam Todd, the CEO of blockster, in the Blockster post said, “Welcome to Blockster! I can’t believe we’ve finally opened it to the first few hundred users. This is version 1 of the testnet so please give us any and all feedback and also report bugs too. We’re going to keep onboarding a bit at a time from the waitlist to see how the server infrastructure handles the load and take it from there.”. 

He also added that “ In the background, we’re working on building the Blockster Wallet and all kinds of other cool stuff that will make this a truly unique platform.

A unique feature of the platform, according to The Blockster, is that users can exchange crypto-related content and engage in active conversation about current crypto trends and announcements without having to worry about the other fluff that is not related to crypto. 

The platform also lets users discover and share new crypto content, create informative posts, and set up business pages for crypto startups and blockchain companies. Due to the fact that all of the users are crypto enthusiasts, these crypto and blockchain-based companies can now advertise on the platform and create a massive fan base. 

Blockster is becoming a meeting point for all the crypto hustlers, traders, and enthusiasts all over the world, for which the company gives credit to the unrivaled community spirit. With its cutting-edge social network platform, Blockster is also aiming to connect more than 200 million crypto users all over the world. 

Blockster has launched two more products in addition to its social networking platform, BXR, and Blockdesk. BXR is a utility token that will power all advertising and trading on Blockster, while Blockdesk is where users will post their blogs just like Medium. 

The highly anticipated BXT token will also let its user use it to tip their favorite content creator on the platform, buy NFTs, Staking to earn revenue, P2P Transactions, and community governance. The platform has announced that it will mind around 100 million BXR tokens, 10% of which will be available during the initial token sale. 

Currently, the platform is at stage 2 where it is aiming to launch Blockster Ads, wallet, trader, P2P transactions, Portfolio tracking, and BXR tipping. Phase 2 is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2022. 

In phase three, Blockster will launch Android and iOS apps, as well as its own NFT, Business, and Games, as well as a software and apps marketplace.

About Blockster

Blockster is a Gilbraltar-based platform founded by Adam Todd with a simple goal, to bring social media up to the rapid pace with which other industries are growing with blockchain technology. In the same vein as other social media platforms, Blockster aims to provide a platform for the crypto community to engage with one another. 

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