ARQx AI Jewelry Revolutionizes Fashion with Stellar Launch

ARQx AI Jewelry Revolutionizes Fashion with Stellar Launch

The successful pre-sale not only underscores the strong market demand for ARQX AI Jewelry’s pioneering solutions, but also marks a significant milestone in the integration of Web3 technologies into the luxury jewelry sector. 

ARQx, the innovative AI-driven jewelry brand, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) across multiple renowned launchpads, including NeoLaunch, Kommunitas, and Enjinstarter, & is soon to be listed on centralized exchange: MEXC. This milestone marks a pivotal moment for the $350+ billion dollar jewelry market as a whole, as ARQx is the first-to-market AI powered jewelry shopping experience for both mainstream luxury and Web3.

ARQX aims to revolutionize the luxury shopping experience by focusing powerful AI into consumer control, letting them design custom products in seconds, and setting a new industry standard. With ARQx, customers become creators, and are no longer bound by arbitrary seasonal industry trends.

As the pioneer in this new AI driven consumer field, ARQx is seeking to plant its flag first, and dominate both with B2C and B2B verticals. ARQx is also looking ahead for plans by the end of the year to expand beyond custom jewelry to other luxury items such as AI designed handbags, footwear, and clothing. Additionally, ARQx has already secured white-labeling opportunities to bring its technology into brick and mortar jewelry stores.

Existing custom jewelry manufacturing involves endless hours of time consuming back and forth with designers & you don’t see a visual to the very end. ARQx’s process is the exact opposite, pushing image first, and reducing that custom order to minutes instead of days. ARQx also employs a global modular manufacturing system – allowing them to rapidly produce custom pieces in any material to ship to all 6 major continents.

In an astounding demonstration of investor enthusiasm and market demand, the ARQX AI Jewelry IDO completed its funding goals in just 36 minutes on Enjinstarter. 

Additionally, over 65% of the targeted funds were raised within the first 8 hours across multiple launchpads. This rapid sell-out reflects the strong confidence investors have in ARQx’s innovative approach to blending traditional luxury with cutting-edge AI technology, and for the emergence of AI + RWA in Web3 as a whole.

ARQx plans to intensify its user acquisition strategy by forging robust collaborations with well-known brands, celebrities, and influencers. ARQx recently announced an official collaboration with Floki meme coin ($2 billion + MC). Additionally, the company aims to capitalize on User Generated Content (UGC) to enhance engagement and participation within its community. Since luxury is such a universal mainstream area of interest, this makes collaborations and partnerships so much easier when compared to other Web3 projects. This strategic approach is designed not only to attract a broad spectrum of general “web2” users but also to maintain and potentially increase the buy pressure on its token. This is expected to sustain the token’s value, irrespective of its market demand, by continuously engaging a diverse user base. 

ARQx’s official $ARQX token underpins its mobile platform and ecosystem as a whole: acting as the token system for ever increasing AI processing power demand, plus it unlocks tiered rewards systems for those looking to create, buy, sell, resell jewelry on a global scale.

“The overwhelming enthusiasm we’ve received from the community and industry as a whole continues to compound our confidence in the transformative potential of AI in luxury.” Ivan Sun the CEO for ARQx stated. “The idea of integrating AI driven creativity not just into jewelry design, but across a spectrum of luxury goods, seems like an inevitability at this point. We might be first to market, but the entire industry under the surface is starting to shift as well.” This enthusiasm underscores the confidence in ARQx’s vision and its significant role in revolutionizing the traditional luxury shopping experience through this cutting-edge technology.


ARQX AI leads in merging cutting-edge artificial intelligence with exquisite jewelry design, creating a unique market niche that enhances both aesthetic appeal and functional value. Committed to innovation and quality, ARQX AI is reshaping luxury fashion for the digital age. ARQx AI offers an explosive new shopping experience for mainstream & web3 consumers alike. Our mobile app allows users to design fine luxury jewelry using AI, which we then manufacture and send direct to their door, world wide. Jewelry has a massive $353.26 billion dollar market cap, of which AI is set to massively disrupt. We will also be selling this technology direct to other jewelry companies (B2B). Our $ARQX token is the backbone of this ecommerce platform, & its demand grows with users + jewelry sales.


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