The Binary Holdings Spearheads Telecom Revolution with Successful Global Pre-Sale, Setting Stage for Web3 Integration

The successful pre-sale not only demonstrates the robust market demand for The Binary Holdings’ innovative solutions but also signifies a pivotal moment in the journey towards integrating Web3 technologies into the telecom landscape 

The Binary Holdings, a leader in blockchain integration for the telecommunications sector, announces its successful completion of its global pre-sale. Previous to their global-presale, The Binary Holdings successfully concluded a strategic investment round, raising $8 million USD. 

Following a highly subscribed presale exclusive to the community, the company opted to initiate an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) across three renowned launchpads. The pre-sale, launched on April 26, 2024 and attracted significant interest from the international community, oversubscribing in record time, underscoring the market’s confidence in the potential of the $BNRY coin. 

The Binary Holdings differentiates itself in the competitive landscape of blockchain solutions for telecommunications through a comprehensive array of services that span SocialFi, DeFi, and Infrastructure. Unlike its competitors, which primarily focus on settlement solutions for telecom firms, The Binary Holdings offers a broader suite of technologies aimed at enhancing user interaction and revenue generation across the telecom sector. 

The Binary Holdings has established a more diversified approach. Its commitment extends beyond mere transactional relationships with telecom companies; it actively engages in enhancing customer relationships and operational efficiencies. This includes deploying decentralized and AI-driven technologies that not only address user activation and engagement but also focus on retaining customers and increasing revenue per user sustainably. 

The Binary Holdings has successfully integrated innovative solutions such as Fando, a tokenized fan engagement and video streaming platform amongst other services within its telecom partnerships. These initiatives allow users to earn $BNRY tokens through active engagement and other activities within the telecom ecosystem, thereby enhancing the value proposition to end users. 

As of March 2024, the company boasts over 38 million monthly active users and wallet addresses. This substantial user base not only solidifies its market presence but also significantly boosts the utility of the $BNRY token by integrating it deeply into daily telecom services. This strategic use of blockchain technology positions The

Binary Holdings uniquely in the market, providing it with unmatched distribution power and a captive audience that benefits directly from its expansive ecosystem. 

The $BNRY token’s pre-sale on EnjinStarter dramatically showcased its market appeal, selling out in just 35 seconds during the first-come, first-served (FCFS) round. Additionally, over 60% of the targeted funds were raised within the first six hours across multiple launchpads. This quick sellout and significant early funding achievement underscore the strong investor interest and broad market penetration, reinforcing The Binary Holdings’ robust and diversified investor base. This enthusiastic international response highlights the token’s strong value proposition and the innovative integration of blockchain in the telecommunications sector. 

Post-pre-sale, The Binary Holdings is committed to expand its technological capabilities and forge new partnerships, particularly focusing on emerging markets in Southeast Asia. The raised funds will accelerate the development of new technologies and promote innovation within the telecom sector. Manit Parikh, Founder and CEO, remarked, “The success of our global pre-sales strongly endorses our vision to meld blockchain with telecommunications, propelling us to enhance global telecom companies with Web3 technologies. 

About The Binary Holdings: 

The Binary Holdings provides Web3 infrastructure solutions for telecommunication companies in emerging economies, with a vision to onboard the next 1 billion users to Web3. With over 40 million current users, TBH offers indispensable scalable, cost-effective, and efficient infrastructure services crucial for driving adoption of tokenized and Web3 solutions, facilitated by its native utility token, $BNRY, which powers all transactions and interactions within The Binary Holdings Ecosystem. 

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