Okratech Token Launches Ambitious Expansion Initiatives with Web3 App Store and New Strategic Partnerships

Okratech Token Launches Ambitious Expansion Initiatives with Web3 App Store and New Strategic Partnerships

June 5, 2024 – Okratech Token (ORT), an established entity in the blockchain industry, is making significant strides with the launch of new products and strategic partnerships. As a decentralized ecosystem, Okratech is expanding its reach within the market which has attracted fresh investors and enriched its product offering. Now listed on leading exchanges including Bybit, Gate.io, MEXC, Bitrue, and Bitforex; Okratech Token is aiming for new price records and trading volume heights.

Over the past 60 days alone, Okratech achieved a major milestone as their Web3 App Store received over 9 million visits. This pioneering Web3 App Store blends traditional with decentralized applications thus making it a huge leap forward in terms of access and integration of blockchain technology. The upswing in user engagement demonstrates an increasing desire for decentralized solutions within the digital marketplace.

The ecosystem of Okratech contains three main items: OrtJob, OrtWeb3 Tools, and the Web3 App Store. Through the ORT token, each product is connected to one another to give users a complete and cohesive experience.

OrtJob, a decentralized freelancing platform powered by DeFi and governed autonomously through a DAO, aims to revolutionize the freelancing industry. The system provides zero-fee commercial decentralized matching, on-chain referenced work experience verification, and a decentralized identity system that gives control over career credentials back into people’s hands. There is also an AI Assistant that outputs job postings and educational suggestions in no time at all. All this has attracted over 500k users to OrtJob who will evidently disrupt how freelancers network and collaborate.

The recently launched Web3 App Store contains multiple applications that seamlessly combine traditional apps with decentralised ones creating an exciting marketplace full of options for users’ satisfaction. The aim behind this integration is to make the user experience better through fast downloads and scanned/reviewed apps among other features like mod games.

OrtWeb3 Tools is another essential part of Okratech’s ecosystem as they provide about 100 tools made to meet both Web2 and Web3 needs. Users can produce /edit/optimize/analyze web content on this platform that serves different digital needs across various devices or screens sizes etc.. With such numbers and diversity in terms of functionalities these tools have; one should not miss anything necessary for success within digital space!

Okratech has recently formed partnerships with several popular organizations such as NAVAIX and GPT Verse, showing its dedication to growth and innovation. NAVAIX is recognized for its AI-based trading bots that operate without custody or KYC requirements. These two platforms will join together to improve decentralized finance (DeFi) environments. They hope this alliance will help users earn more while risking less through on-chain trades that are better than any other available option.

In addition, Okratech collaborated with GPT verse – a multiplatform solution provider for accessing different AI services powered by artificial intelligence technology. This strategic affiliation seeks nothing less than groundbreaking advancements within the tech world; it’s expected to disrupt everything we know about AI and how it can be utilized.

“Our goal is to reach new record highs in both price and volume, and to achieve this, we’ve developed an aggressive marketing plan that we’ll be rolling out soon,” said Amir Muhammad the founder of Okratech. “We’re also in advanced discussions with KuCoin about potential listing opportunities. If successful, this move will not only solidify Okratech’s position in the industry but also attract more institutional investors who are looking to invest in disruptive companies like ours.”

Okratech’s revenue streams come from AI Assistant subscriptions, a corporate SaaS model, an assessment marketplace, a development lounge, ad revenue, and premium web tools. These different sources of income show how strong the Okratech ecosystem is and how much potential it has for sustainable growth.

Backed by notable investors such as DWF Labs, OneAM Capital, Bybit, and Gate Labs, Okratech is well-positioned for continued success. The company’s partnerships with OKC Chain, CORE, Space ID, Chainlink, and others further enhance its ecosystem, providing users with a wide range of services and opportunities.

As Okratech continues to be innovative while expanding its operations; it remains dedicated to its objectives of transforming the digital space through blockchain technology thus making it more efficient than ever before. 

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About Okratech Token

Okratech Token (ORT) is an innovative blockchain platform that offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products designed to leverage the power of decentralized technology. The ORT ecosystem includes OrtJob, a decentralized freelancing platform; OrtWeb3 Tools, a platform offering over 100 tools for web2 and web3 users; and the Web3 App Store, a marketplace that seamlessly blends traditional and decentralized applications. Backed by prominent investors and partners, Okratech Token is dedicated to transforming industries through blockchain technology and decentralized solutions.


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